New LG Mini GD880 Smart Phone Review

Scheduled to be available from March this year, LG looks to be serving up a rather different sort of smart phone, not unsurprisingly considering their other products such as the LG GD900 Crystal phone which we still remember fondly for its rather striking see-through touch sensitive keypad. With a host of other innovative devices, not just in the mobile phone industry, when LG releases a product you look at it every which way just to be sure you have covered all the features as we will do with the LG Mini GD880.

The first thing one notices about the LG Mini GD880 is its to the letter adherence of the candybar form. It seems like a perfect example of a right cuboid and none of its angles are soft curves, rather the LG Mini GD880 sports definite right angles.

As to full technical specifications, these are currently unknown for the LG Mini GD880 smart phone but we do know that it will feature a 3.2″ touchscreen and LG claim that the LG Mini GD880 mobile phone will be the smallest and slimmest 3.2″ touchscreen smart phone available in the market.

The LG Mini GD880 cellphone will also feature a 5 Mega Pixel camera that features VGA recording capability, which does not to be honest sound very impressive. On the other hand the LG Mini GD880 cellphone does feature video editing capabilities that are in our opinion quite usable.

One thing that we found that was nice about the LG Mini GD880 mobile phone was the way the microUSB and microSD slots are designed. These slots feature slidable covers that do a good job of hiding them from view and also seem reliable and a far better thing than the usual rubber covers which are prone to breaking apart.

Also the LG Mini GD880 smart phone features the S-Class interface which is best known for the 3D cube form that is not entirely a joy to use. However the LG Mini GD880 cellphone does not feature the 3D cube form and has a simple three page home screen where one can add shortcuts to various applications or web pages, widgets, games and phone functions.

LG Sync Air debuts on this device although at the moment it is still in beta stages of development. However, once complete it should allow users to synchronize data on their desktops or personal computers to their LG Mini GD880 smart phones and also to save data on remote servers.

To conclude we expect that the LG Mini GD880 mobile phone is a very capable device, the finished version can only be better and considering that it is meant to be a lower-end (in terms of pricing) model we can only imagine that it will do very well.

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  4. Rosie says:

    What a beautiful phone!!I am a prepaid fan and at the moment I have a really decent LG290C from Straight Talk which has served me well! I have saved a fortune on the ST $45.00pm prepaid plan with unlimited calling, texting and data connection compared to a contract so I can afford a really special so I await March with bated breath!

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