News For New Apple iPod Touch

We recently got hold of some leaked shots of the new iPod touch parts. The parts showed the front panel of the new Apple iPod touch.

There have been rumors that Apple has been trying to enlarge the screen size of the new iPod touch, but as we do know that the screen size for the iPod touch and the iPhone are almost the same, can we assume that the new iPhone 5 will have a larger screen size? a question to think about.

As for now, the leaked pictures for the new iPod touch reveal that the new screen size is increased to 4.1 inches, which means that there will be a new benchmark for smart phone manufacturers to make bigger screen sized phones. And technically, the concept of ‘smart phones’ will be lost.

However, there are no current official statements as to what the original specs for the new iPod or new Apple iPhone 5 will be, but according to some leaked info, we may assume that things are going to be bigger this time.

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