No copy paste for Windows Phone 7 series

Windows pretty much revolutionized how the world works, not only did it introduce a GUI that was so simple that anyone could work it, it also introduced the copy-paste technique possibly used by millions of people throughout the world. On the latest mobile version of Windows (that is Microsoft Windows Phone 7 series), it seems that the copy paste function will not be available, this was revealed by Microsoft at its MX10 conference where Windows Phone Marketplace and free Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools were also unveiled.

Lack of copy and paste functionality is in itself not a new phenomenon as anyone who used the Apple iPhone from when it was first launched will be only too willing to tell you. Like Apple, it seems Microsoft too will introduce the copy and paste functions in later revisions of the Windows Phone 7 series or so we understand.

This might be somewhat surprising to most Windows Mobile users as Windows Mobile 6.x can handle copy and paste just fine. But we take leave to inform you once again that Windows Phone 7 series is based on a new architecture and is therefore almost completely new. On the same note, we should remind you that Windows Phone 7 series will not support applications made for Windows Mobile 6 series.

In any case, there is quite a long wait before we see the first commercial Windows Phone 7 series handset in action, the LG Panther seems to be the closest to release and that is not expected until September so the holiday season looks like the time when Windows Phone 7 series handsets might be available at a shop near you.