Nokia 2030 Concept Smartphone by Jim Chan Unleashes

Nokia 2030 Concept Smartphone  is a fantastically design handset that has designed by  Jim Chan.  When you will see it  you feel  that you come in the world of illumination and light as this Nokia Concept phone comes with a full colour display  that is combined with an illuminated touch sensitive  keypad . Utmost protection is guaranteed via scratch resistant body.

The basic purpose behind the creation on Nokia Concept phone 2030 is to facilitate the users with the mean of fast and easy messaging ability . The user will be able to change the color of this gadget by attaching colour films to its rear. The dimensions of Nokia Concept phone are 2 x 4.75 x 0.25 inches . You will see it covered by  polished titanium case if it will be manufactured ever. We also informed you about a wonderful Blackberry Empathy Concept phone.

Price and Release date of Nokia 2030 Concept phone

Although we don’t know exactly about  the price and release date of Nokia 2030 Concept phone but we are sure that will see this impressive gadget soon in the market. It will work perfect for professionals and personal use. We also have an idea that it wil be a pricey handset so keep  visiting this site!

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