Nokia 6700 Classic Can be Upgraded For Few-voice Guided Steering

Hold your horses- as the Nokia has released the free voice guides navigation for their symbian cell phones for the ease of their customers; unfortunately, all GPS enabled cell phone range of S40 is left behind for this new application.  The new update from the Nokia 6700 classic is indeed stunning and brings a ray of happiness on the faces of its users as they are now able to have an extra feature on their Nokia cell phone.

Though, The Nokia 6700 classic is embedded with both features- GPS receiver and Nokia maps, but the user will have to pay in order to upgrade their phones for the voice guides navigation on their phones. Quiet the reverse, this navigation is completely free for S60 phone, the users who are using any S-cell phone won’t have to pay a dime and are free to enjoy with the turn by turn navigation on their phones. This feature is currently not offered for Nokia C-series cell phone like Nokia C7.

Nokia has given an update to improve on the other features as well, for instance the camera of the Nokia classic 6700. The users often have to use the Nokia 6700 classic as a yardstick for the 5MB camera, but now this problem has been solved down by Nokia. Nokia has added new features such as one step auto focus and auto rotation menu text in the phone, so that the user can easily record a video using both portrait and landscape mode just like Nokia E71.

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  1. Hadi Goudarsi says:

    Nokia 6700 Classic is my mobile.