Nokia Astound – Astounding the World With Premium Phones

The affordable price tag hanging off the sleek Nokia Astound is guaranteed to make this phone an instant seller, and the 8 MP camera only adds to the pleasure of the device. The quality of photo and video both are excellent for a mid-range smart phone, and the high quality calls ensure that making calls with this Nokia device will be easy and clear.

Nokia Astound

The only downside that people have found with this device is the fact that the Symbian 3 Nokia OS tends to run a bit slower than Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, but experts agree that the Nokia Astound is simply a pleasure to use. For an affordable smart phone made by one of the world’s top telecommunications experts, the Astound is incredibly affordable and made with a snazzy design that make it as pleasant to use as it is to purchase.

The WiFi calling feature is unique to the Nokia Astound, and the fact that it will only cost $80 makes it a top pick for those looking for a low priced smart phone. High quality materials are utilized in the manufacture of this device, and the quality of the phone can be felt by anyone who picks up the sturdy yet sleek device. This smartphone is less than half an inch thick, and weighs just over 4.5 ounces. The frosty metallic colors and the chrome colored accents only make this simple Nokia smart phone that much more attractive. The 3.5 inch screen and high resolution ensure that using the Astound is up to any media or video-viewing task.

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