Nokia C5 and the new Nokia naming convention

So, rumors have been flying around these days about a new Nokia phone and today Nokia unveiled the Nokia C5 on its official blog with pictures and some interesting looking specifications as well. Furthermore Nokia also clarified what their new naming convention is and how it will work and we discuss this below. Read on to find out about the Nokia C5 cellphone, its technical specifications and also to see the official pictures of the C5 cellphone released by Nokia.

The new Nokia naming convention essentially categorizes new Nokia cellphones under four different series namely the Nokia C series, the Nokia E series, the Nokia N series and the Nokia X series. We have already talked about the Nokia X6 16 GB smart phone in an earlier post and it only need be said that the X series will be marketed for teens and will focus on entertaining people and also keeping them connected, “social entertainment” is how Nokia describes the focus of the Xseries.

The Nokia E series is targeted towards the business user and will also be fairly cutting edge but whereas the emphasis of the X series is to entertain, the E series line of Nokia phones will focus on getting the job done.

The Nokia N series will feature (as we have already seen with the Nokia N95, N97 and with the Nokia N900) the high end phones featuring cutting edge technology and will therefore be priced appropriately.

The Nokia C series on the other hand are tactfully labeled by Nokia as their “core range of products” which we will liberally interpret as meaning low end and for the masses.

Keeping that in mind one would imagine the Nokia C5 cellphone would be a fairly disappointing mobile phone and nothing to write home about. Au contraire, while on the hardware side of things the Nokia C5 mobile phone might not impress most people, it does feature Nokia Ovi Maps (free GPS) and also comes preloaded with Nokia Messaging.

Furthermore, the Nokia C5 is capable of up to 16 GB of expandable memory through the use of microSD or microSDHC cards but comes packed with a 2 GB card out of the box. To complete the (admittedly) rather dull list of technical specifications, the Nokia C5 mobile phone also features a 3.2 MP camera with LED flash and has a 2.2″ QVGA display.

Quad band GSM and dual band UMTS means that the Nokia C5 cellphone is capable of 3G through HSPA but the Nokia C5 does not have Wi-Fi. An interesting feature for social enthusiasts in the Nokia C5 is its Facebook integration in its phonebook which shows your friends’ status updates.

You can also share your location easily with the help of Nokia Ovi Maps and quickly update your status on Facebook using the Nokia C5 cellphone.

So while people will not exclaim with wonder and awe to behold the Nokia C5, they will be quick to appreciate its low price, its good mix of features and pleasing aesthetics.

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    i have charging problem in my nokia set n70,can u repair it,bkoz every technician says contact to company

  4. I think nokia c series is best for the middle class people