Nokia C6 smart phone rendering spotted

This image of the Nokia C6 smart phone which matches up with the FCC approved specifications might just be a true leak, on the other hand it is quite possible that a Nokia cellphone fan might have created it for fun. Regardless, the Nokia C6 mobile phone which got the FCC approval in February might just be the second C-series Nokia phone launched after the new naming convention set-up by Nokia. The first C-series phone is of course the Nokia C5 which we reviewed earlier but let us now move on to more regarding the Nokia C6 cellphone.

Well for starters, as one might see from the rendering, the Nokia C6 cellphone is a side-slide QWERTY style phone which will most likely run Symbian^1. While actual details regarding the Nokia C6 mobile phone are scant, we do know that the Nokia C6 smart phone has a touchscreen and will feature Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) and will likely have quad-band GSM and tri-band WCDMA.

So, despite being the “core range of products”, the Nokia C Series will quite likely see a rather advanced phone in the form of the Nokia C6 cellphone as not only does it have a touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard but it also has Wi-Fi and from what we have seen of the specs so far likely will feature 3G connectivity too.

It seems that the Nokia C6 mobile phone will feature 256 MB of internal memory which may be supplemented through the use of microSD as a slot is featured on the phone, we do not however know how much expandable memory the phone will be capable of supporting.

To conclude, based on initial specs and speculations, we can only say that we would like to see more of the Nokia C6 smart phone.

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