Nokia First 4G LTE Phone will launch during MWC in February?

Nokia LTE Phone’s rumor has start circulating on the web. It is not hard to believe that Nokia will launch an LTE phone at MWC; when you combine some un-official sources information and common knowledge you will arrive at the same result where we are.

As you know , Nokia hadn’t revealed its device at CES 2011 while at this event  we saw the final release of many 4G gadgets such as Samsung 4G LTE Phone , HTC Thunderbolt , Motorola Droid Bionic etc.  Now it is not wrong to say that at MWC  that is another mega event after CES 2011 Nokia will not only launch Nokia First 4G handset but also a high-end device smartphone or tablet having MeeGo platform.

We guessed about this launch from two posts of Nokia Conversation blog; one with the title Why you want LTE” posted on 5th January and second  posted title “From 1G to 4G”on 8th of January.

Some other rumors referred that Nokia is preparing for a very strong MWC presence (as usual, really).All these information hinted clearly that Nokia will introduce its first4G LTE device at this event.

Nokia spokeswoman Anna Martin neither confirmed, nor denied these rumors

As for LTE, it is an important technology which Nokia is firmly committed to, but at this point we haven’t announced any further details or plans.”

At MWC 2011 that will take place in Barcelona between February 14-17 we are expecting the launch of Sony Ericsson XPERIA play , Samsung Next generation tablets and first 4GWindows Phone 7 gadget.

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