Nokia Lumia 900 In UK

They are ready! And so should you be, Nokia has marked a date to release the new Lumia 900 to its UK target market. From our sources, we get to know the launch of Lumia 900 by Nokia in UK on May 14, this year. 

Since the release of Nokia Lumia 900 in the US on April 8 this year, the smart phone has touched new heights of success and fame in the US market. And knowing the response that it got in US, the Nokia fans in UK are eager to get their hands on the flagship Windows smart phone Nokia.

Also, the response Nokia got from the release of Nokia Lumia 800, the new Lumia 900 has a lot if expectations associated with it. According to Nokia, the new Windows smart phone will be available in both black and white colors for UK customers. However, they also said that the phone might be available in the market a bit earlier than the date stated, but just to be on the safe side, they have set a mid-month date.

Though, there are no official highlights about the price either by AT&T or Nokia.