Nokia may employ the Windows Phone 7

Nokia has a new plan in terms of its operating system and we are sure that this new plan will be quite exciting for you. According to some rumors from un-official sources, Nokia is planning to employ Windows phone 7 for some of its smartphone in the near Future. Really great! Isn’t it?

This information is supposedly come from the new CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop who wants to employ some new ways to gain more share .So new operating system will be used for the latest Nokia handset. It may be possible that the emerging popularity of WP7 pushes him to take this decision. Anyways whatever the reason is; we are now starting waiting when this news will be confirmed officially by Nokia.

But there is also a possibility that this rumor is not true .Remember, we also heard that Nokia had a plan of using Google Android for Nokia smartphone and that news was denied fully. So we must have to wait for Nokia response.

What you think about this? Would you like to use a WP7 Nokia Device? Feel free to share your views on this news.

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