Nokia Mobile communities are brining social networks for low-end mobile users

Nokia has given a good amount of services for the mobile users- one of the coolest services is Nokia Mobile Communities. This feature was basically designed for S40 phone users in which java application is made enabled to run social networking on the cell phones of those users who cannot afford to buy data connections. Upon knowing the problem of such mobile users, the Nokia Mobile Communities has brought social networking to all emerging markets and countries like India.

The product has to main things on offer- Conversation is helpful to communicate and chat for short group within your social network and the second offer is streams that will help to create channels in order to build up a communicating and follow a person or else specific topic on the social network.

The Finnish company is running this client application ‘Nokia Mobile Communities’ on the basis of trial in India. This application is seemingly work on any java based cell phone but has currently been optimized for phone with QVGA displays. The Nokia Mobile Communities works on phone which costs even less than 50 bucks. That’s really great.

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