Nokia N8-00 Symbian^3 12 MP cellphone leak

This one really is far from being confirmed and the leak, while it suggests that a really top of the line device might be forthcoming from Nokia around September, is nowhere near a confirmed report. The Nokia N8-00 cellphone which some are calling the Nokia N87 and others yet are calling the Nokia N98 seems likely to be the first Symbian^3 device to be released by Nokia. If that is not enough to get your attention then according to the leaked photos and details, it seems the Nokia N8-00 mobile phone will also feature a 12 Mega Pixel camera with auto-focus and a Xenon flash with Carl Zeiss optics.

With so few confirmed details about the technical specifications of the Nokia N8-00 or the N87 as some are calling it in their blogs, it seems that the feature list is speculated to include anything from a 4″ or 3.5″ capacitive touchscreen to DivX HD certification which would mean that it is capable of at least 720p HD video playback.

From the pictures of the Nokia N8-00 or the Nokia N98 smart phone as the source calls it, we do know that it features an HDMI port which means even if it is not DivX HD certified, it will still be capable of 720p HD video recording (certainly to be expected with a 12 MP camera) at 30 fps and HD video playback.

There’s a SIM card slot, a microSD slot and a microUSB port on the left side of the Nokia N8-00 mobile phone and on the right side there is a volume rocker, key lock and camera button. There is also a power button at the top of the Nokia N8-00 cellphone which also has a 3.5mm port and a label that says HDMI.

What we do know is that the Nokia N98 or N87 or N8-00 whatever it will be known as when its released looks set to be the flaghip device for the N series of phones by Nokia. That and the N8-00 smart phone might very well be the phone that defines the future for Nokia in the smart phone market as the Nokia N98 or N8-00 will be the first to feature Symbian^3.

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