Nokia N8 smart phone previewed, scorned

Touted by many as being the next big thing, perhaps even the company’s flagship phone upon revelation in a news leak, the Nokia N8 has now been reviewed and the conclusion is quite clearly that it is not an industry re-defining device, rather that the Nokia N8 is a phone that now matches up to many devices already available in the market (the Nokia N8 tested was a prototype as the N8 has not yet been launched) and has largely failed to impress the reviewer at

According to the translation of the review (original text is in Russian), the Nokia N8 is a phone that has many features but most of these features are industry standard by now and fail to impress.

Included in the list of features for the Nokia N8 cellphone is the 720p HD video recording capability with the 12 MP camera which is available in the Sony Ericsson Satio and multitouch functionality which is available on many Android based phones are no longer new to the industry.

The Nokia N8 smart phone also has an HDMI out port however it is smaller than the industry standard port and therefore requires a special cable. Other features for the Nokia N8 mobile phone which failed to impress the reviewer were mostly on the software side. This despite the fact that the Nokia N8 cellphone will be amongst the first phones to feature Symbian^3.

Part of the reviewer’s lament was that the Nokia N8 started to slow down once the memory fills up, a common complaint with most phones but one which would be unexpected in a high-end device like the Nokia N8.

Of course one should keep in mind that this Nokia N8 was a pre-production prototype and there are likely a lot of bugs that will likely be fixed before the actual Nokia N8 smart phone hits the production line.

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