Nokia N900 MeeGo build available and for Netbooks and Atom based handsets

The first batch of MeeGo builds are starting to pop up and for the moment hardcore developers may rejoice as MeeGo builds are now available for download for the Nokia N900 or netbooks or Intel Atom based handsets. The download page for MeeGo build images can be found by clicking here. Read on to find out why we say “hardcore developers” may rejoice and to get more details regarding the open source MeeGo project which is essentially an aggregation of the Moblin project by Intel and Maemo project by Nokia.

This latest release is available for download now but in our opinion is only useful for hardcore developers because the build images only boot up to command line and without a proper graphical user interface, most users would be lost as to what to do next. These core MeeGo repositories include all the functional code including social networking services, telephony services as well as system libraries.

To load these MeeGo images up in to your device, simply boot from a USB drive or CD drive or you can flash it to your handheld device from a Linux computer. As it (at the moment) loads up to a terminal, only developers or people looking to test out the capabilities and prowess of MeeGo will find any use and a proper GUI or MeeGo User Experiences included version is not expected till May at the earliest.

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