Nokia Patents Kinetic Energy Harvester

Ok, so its not a harvester in the sense of combine harvesters used on farms but Nokia‘s latest patent sees them ready to harvest the kinetic energy employed in using phones everyday to recharge your battery at least partially by using piezoelectric technology. While this concept is not exactly new (case in point kinetic watches) it will be interesting to see if it will work for cellphones and we sincerely hope it does because it seems like such a practical thing.

If I am anything to go by, then there is huge potential for this technology what with all the flipping open and shut of my flip phone and chucking it on to the bed or taking out of the pocket or just plain walking around with it.

This technology which essentially uses piezoelectric elements that create electrical charges when force is applied to them which is then transferred to a power controller and can then be used to charge the battery.

Very simple in theory but we expect it will take a long time getting to production but even so it is a good step forward in the hunt for viable clean, green and re-usable energy sources and a nice alternative to solar powered cellphones.

It will be interesting to see Nokia showing off cell phone batteries that use piezoelectric elements to charge your phone utilizing kinetic energy instead of specialized phones but whichever form this technology eventually shows up in, we would be glad to give it a go.

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