Nokia W6 Windows Phone 7 Concept Phone Designed by Peter Lackman

Nokia W6 Windows Phone is a latest concept phone that is a part of mynokiablog’s series of Dream Nokias. It is a stylish gadget designed with designer Peter Lackman. When you closely look at the images then you will get an idea that it is nothing but a modified version of Nokia E7 or N8 but with Windows Phone 7 opertaing system platform.

This new Nokia WP7 Concept phone has the capability to use custom background wallpapers which changes when you select a different theme. In order to facilitates the users apps view has been rearranged in a beautiful and comfortable manner.  The user has an ability to find an application through a useful AZ search processing; you may know that this feature is not available in the current Windows Phone 7 gadgets such as in HTC Mozart, HTC 7 Pro and users feel it difficult to search applications.

What is more attractive in this Nokia W6 Concept phone is Collapsible category bars inclusion through which one can change themes quite easily.

Do you like this concept phone of Nokia? Feel Free to share your suggestions with us.

3 Replies to “Nokia W6 Windows Phone 7 Concept Phone Designed by Peter Lackman”

  1. The concept (Nokia + Win7)seems to me to be attractive. Estetic form of the hardware is no good (to put it mildly ;o)

  2. Nokia is marketing is craps now! The new director have no new direction at all? What user want is an OPEN source OS such as Android OS! Win7 looks attractive BUT still will not be as attractive than android OS. The GSM market has changed and Nokia will need to “LEARN” to adapt it and get into the correct marketing strategy! If Nokia support Android OS, I guess Iphone market will drop to no where else as basically it will be a “WIDE” and “BOLD” common used OS for Android!

  3. nokia is a good decision for window 7 os in phone.
    I want to use the same os in window os N8 , E6 and E7.
    Is the call phone name
    W8 , W6 and W7

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