Nokia Windows Phone 7 handset’s Prototype Leaked

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Handset’s Prototype leaked with amazing design. You know that Nokia made an announcement of its collaboration with the Microsoft last day and today we get a prototype. The Nokia Window Phone 7 Concept phone looks stunning and promising.

All thanks to, as through this site we are able to see the first prototype of Windows Phone 7 running Nokia Smartphone. What enhances our interest in these prototypes is freedom of selection; we are able to go for bright colors or to choose the black color prototype. Though we don’t have any information regarding the hardware requirements of this prototype but we are a little bit sure that all these requirements would be the same as in the case of existing Windows Phone handsets such as LG E900, LG C900, Samsung Focus, HTC 7 Pro, and Dell Venue Pro. There is also a possibility that we will see some upgrading in these requirements.

The concept Phone is somewhat resembles with Nokia C7 but unfortunately there is no operating system upgrading for C7 or N8 Smart phones. The reason is that there is a strict hardware requirement that Microsoft wants in the device which runs Windows Phone 7 operating and both mobile phone are unable to meet these requirements.

You are free to share your comment on this post. Do you like the prototype of Nokia WP7 mobile Phone? What changes you would like to see in this handset?

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