Nokia X1 ultra-cheap music phone hit the FCC

Nokia X1 is an unannounced handset that has recently leaked on the web. This gadget has just approved by FCC. It seems to be a cheap music phone of Nokia from its specs and features.

Nokia X1-00 will be a candy bar handset similar to Nokia X2-00. Some features of it are a speaker on the back, and features 850 / 1900 MHz GSM connectivity.There is no sign of photo camera when you see the picture of this gadget without cover. It is also reported that it will come without 3G functionality

Availability and Price of Nokia X1 Music Phone:

The Phone is made in India so we can say with surety that it will first come to India and after that to China. We also get an idea from its feature and outlook that it will be a cheaper phone than that of Nokia X6, possibility tagged with $50. We will soon update you about the other detail of this handset so stay tune.

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