Software update for Lumia 710 and 800 users

Some days back, there was a huge disappointment for Nokia Lumia users when it was announced that they will not be enjoying the Windows Phone 8 update but instead, will have to deal with Windows Phone 7.8 update.

Nokia 808 Gets Firmware Update

It wasn’t quite long when Nokia decided to launch the 808 Pure View. To be precise, its just been a week and now we even have its firmware upgrade.

Top 5 Smartphones For Video

Nowadays, we all love to watch latest videos and movies on our smartphone. The trend of watching videos on TV is moving down. The reason is that watching video on a smartphone is a nice and comfortable experience. Though many smartphones are offering you a chance to watch the videos yet there are few which let you to enjoy a vivid and clear video experience. My intention is to shed light on top 5 smartphones which are regarded best for the videos. In another words, watching videos on such smartphone would always be a fun for you. Before I start explaining such smartphones, I would like to clear one thing first. Apple iPhone is not included in the list as the display of this handset is not very robust for video purpose. It’s time to peep into 5 best smartphones for video.

Top 5 Limited Edition Smart Phones

The people who are concerned about style and design must love to know about latest and impressive limited edition handset. Actually famous brands of smartphone launch such limited edition gadget just to grab the attention of style lover. Generally, a limited edition handset is different in its exterior outlook while interior features are remained intact. The price of a limited edition handset is usually high as design work makes it special. Now check the

5. Batman Nokia Lumia 900

I’m sure that you have enjoyed Dark Knight Rises so it’s time to check Batman Nokia Lumia 900 that is a limited edition handset inspired from the batman series movies. The fans of batman will definitely like to grab one for them. There are only 900 units of this smart black version of Nokia Lumia 900. The price of it is reportedly high from the normal version. A fan of superhero will have to pay £40 for it; that’s mean the price of this batman series gadget is £500.

batman nokia lumia 900

4. HTC One X Deluxe

This limited edition of HTC One X is available for Taiwanese customers. What makes its different from the normal version is its stylish pack and cover. In addition, you will be able to get a set of Beat Solo wireless headphones along with the device. That’s mean listening up music and watching the videos on this device would simply a fun. This android guy is powered by quad core processor so one can expect blazing speed of browsing, downloading, uploading and communication.

htc one x deluxe

3. Motorola Defy + JCB Limited Edition

I personally like Motorola Defy plus as this rugged phone is perfectly suitable for harsh environment. Thanks to JCB that has added a style to this tough guy. From the start of this year, JCB limited edition Motorola Defy plus is available to style conscious people. The protective sleeve of this chic device is designed from the house of JCB and one need to pay extra dollars for this extra protection. It’s a water resistant handset that gets power from 1GHz processor that’s mean high performance can be expected from it.

motorola defy plus jcb

2. Samsung Limited Edition Galaxy Note 2 Flip Cover with Hangul Design

Every person who used Galaxy Note has become a loyal customer of Samsung. Now Samsung has a plan to offer second installement of Galaxy Note series. If you are a person who loves art and style then Samsung limited edition Galaxy Note 2 flip cover with hangul design is indeed one that’s perfectly matches to you expectation. The creative force behind this limited edition is Lee Geon-Maan, South Korea’s fashion designer. Confused about Hangul word? Actually Hangul is native alphabet of Korean language.

galaxy note 2

1.iPhone 5 Gold Edition

The iPhone 5 is equipped with powerful processor and big display but now you are able to grab iPhone 5 Gold Edition. This limited edition iDevice is designed by British Designer Stuart who have already sold iPhone 4S Elite Gold for under 10 million. As far as iPhone 5 limited edition is concerned, it’s made of 18ct solid gold chassis while Apple logo on the back is made of 53 diamonds of around 1 carat. Price of this model will surely high and only a millionaire can afford it.

iphone 5 gold

At the end, I would also like to inform you about appearance of Motorola Droid Maxx HD limited edition. This smartphone surphased with red back and red lining on the side of black cover.It is reported that this handset will only available for the employees of Verizon Wireless.


Top 5 Best Motorola Droid Razr Phones

Motorola always brings a number of smartphones that are integrated with latest technology. When you hit the Motorola website, you find a wide variety of smartphones. However, there are few which can be heralded as the best. Now find below complete details of five best Motorola phones of Droid series.
5. Motorola Droid Razr i
Many times people need to work in harsh environment and for such case, Motorola Droid Razr I seems to be the perfect choice. It’s a splash proof handset which is running on android 4.0.4 operating system. This android guy is featured with large 4.0 display that comes with high resolution. Processing speed of it is quite fast so uploading and downloading would never be time-consuming. Android phone is incomplete without applications and thanks to fast processor of device one can enjoy multiple apps at the same time. There is an 8MP snapper which allows you to capture high quality images and to shoot videos.

droid razr i
4. Motorola Droid Razr M
There are a number of customers who have been used this rugged phone and left positive reviews regarding the device. The reason is that this gadget is featured with dual core processor which offers fast speed of processing and blazing speed of multi-tasking. Good thing about this android smartphone is its NFC capability that’s make the mobile payment experience quite delightful. This smartphone provides support to both GSM and CDMA connectivity options. On the hood, you can find 4.3 inch high resolution display which offers clear cut video streaming option.

Droid Razr M
3. Motorola Droid Razr
I have used this smartphone and I’m still its fan after the emergence of its successor. Actually video streaming and communication experience with this handset is quite good. It’s interactive and responsive interface makes the navigation and interaction quite easy. It was launched last year but till now it’s popular among the customers. It brings HDMI connector which lets you to see the videos of phone display onto TV. There is a lot of RAM which allows the customers to store as much data as you want.

Droid Razr
2. Motorola Droid Razr HD
HD experience of images and video is attainable through Droid Razr HD. This handset comes with very large edge to edge display which permits the users to enjoy high quality and clear cut pictures. It comes with a splash proof body so one can use it in harsh environment. There are dual snappers; one is 8MP rear camera and second is 1.3MP. I give preference to this handset since its secondary camera is of high quality. One can enjoy the real-time video calling experience via it.

Droid Razr HD
1. Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD
This android smartphone is featured with 4.7 inch display which has high resolution. It’s an upgraded version of Droid Razr HD and there is a little difference between both. The main thing which differentiates it from its predecessor is the long life battery. This smartphone is perfect for the businessman who wants to run the gadget for long time. They can charge the battery and then use it as long as they want. It’s the main reason which pushes me to keep this handset on first level.

Droid Razr Maxx hd
Now which Motorola droid Razr phone would you like to buy? Share with me.

Top 5 Latest Windows 8 Tablets

If you are planning to purchase a tablet, I suggest you to wait for one or two months only as a number of Windows 8 tablets are going to launch. As you know Windows 8 has finally released for the users and this latest version of Microsoft Operating system has a lot of features and improvements. It’s not a time to shed light on features but my intention is to give you complete details of latest Windows 8 tablets that will be launching very soon. I created this list based on my own preference and it’s nothing to do with any tech analysis.

Top 5 Budget Friendly Android Smartphones

Today, when you peep into market you are able to find a wide variety of smartphones. It becomes quite difficult for you to find one that matches to your limited budget. Therefore, it’s me who bring quick details of 5 budget android smartphones. I’m sure that your android smartphone selection process will become very comfy after this article. So, it’s time to have a look and to explore more about budget friendly smartphones.

HTC Windows Phone 8X | Specs and Features

Windows Phone 8X by HTC is coming to AT&T before this Thanksgiving. Recently AT&T announced that they will be selling the new Windows Phone 8X by HTC in limelight color somewhere around November 22.

LG Optimus L9 Review | Specs and Features

The Optimus line up is surely heating up the rivalry to be seen on Korean cell phone manufacturer’s court. The second in line after Samsung, LG has come up with another edition; LG Optimus L9 on T-Mobile. Here is a complete list of specs and features of new Optimus L9.

Motorola Droid Razr HD | Specs and Features

Almost after a year Motorola acquired back the RAZR franchise, it has been successful in launching the second strike to the RAZR line up; Motorola Droid RAZR HD.