Palm Fire WebOS 3.0 powered Concept Phone by Long-Nong Huang

Palm Fire is a new Concept phone that is designed by Long-Nong Huang. You may know that HP yesterday unveiled three new devices without Palm branding; these are HP Pre 3, Veer and TouchPad. Now we are going to introduce a new concept that comes with Palm branding. This gadget is running and supporting the WebOS 3.0. When you look at the image you think that the display is somewhat bigger than 3.5 inches, it is due to illusion only.

Palm Fire Concept Phone Features and Specs:

  • Runs on WebOS 3.0
  • A 1GHz CPU
  • A 3.5 inch display
  • Supports wireless charging like other Pre models such as Palm Pre 2 etc

You like the concept of Palm Fire? Would you want to see this handset in Real? Do not hesitate to share with us.