Palm Pre 2 coming to Verizon LTE 4G network?

Palm Pre 2 hasn’t officially picked for Verizon 4G LTE network but we came to know that soon it will hit the Verizon. Actually, some readers at have done some kind of url hacking and then they came up with a page at which Palm Pre Plus has shown with reference “Palm LTE Device”. The interesting thing is that this gadget is not available at Verizon as yet.

Now we are expecting that webOS based device will son become a member of Verizon 4G LTE devices. You already know about some official devices that is supprting the same network like Samsung 4G LTE Phone , Motorola Droid Bionic 4G, HTC Thunderbolt etc.

It is possible that we came to know more about Verizon Plam Pre 2 at the WebOS event that will be held on February.It is also confirmed that Verizon and Sprint Windows Phone 7 devices are coming soon.