Palm Pre 2 photos unveiled on the web

Palm Pre is the latest model of Palm ,the  photos of which are now hit the web. First this photo was uncovered on the French Wireless carrier’s website and today we get its stylish pictures on a French tech website.

When you look at this photo you think that the design of this photo is somewhat same with the original Palm pre. However, when you look more deeply you come to know the difference between both gadgets. Palm Pre 2 handset comes with the with larger and less rounded screen than that of its predecessor. It will be running on Web OS version 2.0 while will load with 1 GHz processor.

There made some changes in the keyboard of this Palm model, an improved ridged keyboard will be available for the Palm Pre game users. It will provide support to Bluetooth.

It will hit the market in early November this year and will be headed to French Carrier SRF.  There is no word about its cost but we will update you soon. We don’t know exactly whether this phone will come with Palm branding or with HP tag.Right now enjoy the stylish photo of Palm Pre 2.

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