Pantech Launched Vega Smartphone for Targeting Apple iPhone SK market

South Korea Local Mobile maker Pantech just released its third android smart phone Pantech Vega. The purpose behind this launch is unveiled that is to beat the Apple iPhone in South Korean Market.

Pantech well thought-out to be in third number when we talk about mobile phone manufactures in the Korea market while the first two were Samsung and LG. But now after introduction of its smart phones Pantech comes in the second position whereas Samsung stood in First position.

Before The launch of SKY Vega (IM-A650S) phone the Pantech tries to promote it widely and achive its  aim , beat the market of Apple iPhone in South Korea.

History of SK market showed that it was very difficult for all international mobile phone makers like Nokia, Motorola, Sony Erricson and HTC to remain successful. Only Apple captured this market with its iPhone 3GS , the sale of that phone was 0.8 million units in the period of only 7 months. Actually the smartphone market usually ignored by mobile makers that’s why Pantech launched its third smartphone Vega to gain more share of SK market in comparison  with Apple.