Philips X510 Dual-SIM phone preview

While Philips phones are limited mostly to the Asian and Russian markets, Philips has lately been releasing a whole range of new Xenium phones. Most recently, Philips announced the Philips X510 Xenium phone, of which the defining feature is clearly its dual SIM functionality. The Philips X510 is a vertical slider and as of yet no pricing or availability information is available although we expect that its set for release later this year.

The technical specifications for the Philips X510 cellphone are fairly low key and includes a 3.1″ TFT touchscreen with a 240 x 320 resolution and handwriting recognition, 2 MP camera, Bluetooth, miniUSB, microSD for up to 8 GB expandable memory and dual band GSM (900/1800 MHz) functionality.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Philips X510 mobile phone is the touchscreen although even that has QVGA resolution and will likely be resistive. On the other hand, it does feature handwriting recognition which will probably come in handy for business class users who are most likely to buy a dual SIM phone like the Philips X510 in any case.

To conclude, we believe that the Philips X510 cellphone is an entry level dual SIM phone (although there is no pricing information to validate this belief yet) and will appeal mostly to business class users. Other users will likely prefer single SIM touchscreen phones like the Samsung Corby or LG Cookie line over the Philips X510 mobile phone.

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