Puma takes a bite into the smart phone market

Puma is a German company best known for its shoes and more precisely for its sporting related products. However, teaming up with Sagem Wireless, a France based multinational that has also created the Porsche and Hello Kitty cellphones, Puma and Sagem Wireless jointly launched the Sagem PUMA phone at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona, Spain. The Sagem Puma phone was rumored and seen in a photo leak and much hype was created about it, now we can get a better idea about the Sagem Puma cellphone.

The Sagem Puma smart phone is a touchscreen device and has a 2.8″ TFT QVGA display with a 240 x 320 resolution. This is by no means the best in the market but the Sagem PUMA phone is not about an individual feature, rather the package as a whole.

Other key features for the Sagem PUMA mobile phone are: a 3.2 MP camera with LED flash and six times digital zoom and geo-tagging, GPS, compass, Bluetooth, GSM and CDMA connectivity as well as HSPA compatibility for 3G access.

However, one of the highlighted features of the Sagem PUMA smart phone is the solar cell with a charge indicator which obviously allows you to charge your cellphone on the go as long as it is receiving sunlight on its solar panel.

Perhaps, the biggest selling point for the Sagem Puma cellphone will be its ability to attract sport enthusiasts and people after an active and healthier lifestyle. The Sagem Puma phone will come pre-loaded with applications such as a pedometer, GPS tracker and stopwatch to enable you to measure your activities and will also enable one click access to Puma World and also include a spin and scratch music player.

This in our opinion, combined with the eco-friendliness a la solar energy as well as the active lifestyle promotion will be the major selling points for the Sagem PUMA phone. We can already see many joggers strapping it onto their arms as they plug in their headphones and go for a run in the park all while the Sagem PUMA phone charges in the sun, rather like a house-cat taking a sunbath.

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