Remote support for Smartphones – A great Business solution

As an IT, I really enjoy having mobile remote support in my arsenal. IT services are all about making things go as smoothly for whoever is the recipient of your services and yourself. This is clearly true in the era of smartphones.

Think about it, your client has a problem with the thousand e-mails that he gets in one morning and you are not there to make it right; this waste of time is intolerable and can easily loose you their business. This kind of scenario is where solid remote support software is the best alternative for dealing with anything that may come up.

There are several ideas linked to the ability to remotely provide a mobile device with IT but I believe two of them stand out: simplicity and cross platform support.

Simplicity should mean the ability to be as familiar with the device as if it where next to me; within my reach. It is easy to fumble with a device in my hands but it gets complex if it is not with even in the same room as I am. As we are alluded to being able to see the computer that receives the support this approach is the one that makes more sense. In this regard, the ability to see the actual screen of the mobile device, navigate it and do what is needed would qualify as true mobile remote support.

Next would be cross platform support. Any remote support software that purports to get the job done must provide this facility. In a world of iPhones, blackberries, and your next available android device (just to mention a few) there is simply no way to handle different software for each one. The software must be comprehensive, intuitive and allow you to access all of these devices as if you were grabbing each one with your own hands.

There is a definite advantage in using this range of services and allowing mobileremote support within your IT toolbox. It will save you time, costs and effort. And believe me, these services will probably put a smile on your face when you get the next call from your client telling you they deleted something from their iPhone and that now the email is all wrong. A mobile remote support will allow knowing what happened, how to fix it and get the job done without needing the device to come in. Or even worse, trying to explain to the client how to manually set up their device while they are speaking from it.

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