Samsung Clutch W9500 cellphone – one for the ladies

First of all, anyone who is associating the Samsung Clutch W9500 with anything to do with automotive clutches (accelerator, brake and clutch), remove the thought from your mind because the Samsung Clutch W9500 smart phone is named after clutch style bags which for we imagine are named so because you clutch them in your hands. Anyway, moving on to the cellphone itself, the Samsung Clutch W9500 is an interesting device but by no means a high end smart phone and we review it below.

To clear things up a bit the Samsung Clutch W9500 is available in South Korea under the brand name Anycall, hence the photo above. On the reverse side, the Samsung Clutch W9500 sort of resembles a bezel gem (or do I mean multi-faceted?) and on the front side the Samsung Clutch W9500 mobile phone has a diamond like home button.

The Samsung Clutch W9500 cellphone is available in Romantic Pink, Beige Silver and Black Gold and on the hardware side of things packs some decent features amongst its technical specifications. This includes a 3.2″ touchscreen display, a 3 MP camera and a secondary 1.3 MP camera on the front side for video-conferencing, 3G connectivity and T-DMB (Mobile TV), GPS, Bluetooth and a microSD/microSDHC slot supporting up to 16 GB of expandable memory.

On the software side, the Samsung Clutch W9500 smart phone sports what Samsung calls Lady UI whch amongst other things has a meeting planner, SOS function, calories calculator and our personal favourite, a function that allows you to turn your LCD into a mirror. Now why this feature would be specific to Lady UI beats us because we think a mirror is a mirror and it is very useful in any case.

The Samsung Clutch W9500 mobile phone seems to us rather like the Samsung S7070 Diva cellphone with changes to the design and UI which seem to be rather stereotypical in our opinion. The Samsung Clutch W9500 smart phone itself is a closer to mid than low-end device and should do fairly well based on function alone.