Samsung Continuum, the First Mobile phone having SRS WideSurround Technology

Samsung Continuum is the first handset in the world that is equipped with SRS Labs’ SRS WideSurround technology.  Actually WideSurround is a wonderful audio solution ;the purpose of which is to deliver surround sound with the mean of  a phone’s built-in speakers.

In the next week, Samsung will announce Samsung Continuum Phones, its dual screen version of the Samsung Galaxy S and this gadget will be headed to Verizon., according to latest news we get from rumor-mill.

The users of Samsung Continuum will be able to experience “theatre-like surround sound” the very first time. This sound is achieved only when a person spends a lot of dollars in creating the personal sound field. The quality of sound  is very high and so perfect and it doesn’t depend upon the way of holding thisSamsung Galaxy S phone that is headed by Verizon i.e. Samsung Continuum.

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