Samsung Diva S7070 smart phone and S5150 flip phone

As part of their “Samsung Diva Collection 2010“, Samsung has launched two brand new phones, the Samsung S7070 and the Samsung S5150 both of which will be targeted towards the female segment of the market. Both these phones are designed keeping the needs of fashionable women in mind and to supplement the Samsung Diva S7070 and the Samsung S5150, Samsung also offers a “Premium Package”. Read on to find out more.

The Samsung S7070 smart phone and the Samsung S5150 flip phone both have “embossed quilted looks” according to Samsung and they have quite a few interesting features.

The Samsung Diva S7070 smart phone is a candybar form phone and has a 3.2 MP camera with “Beauty Effect” and “Lomo Effect” which enables users to take flawless pictures of themselves or other people.

Other than that the Samsung Diva S7070 cellphone is also geared towards social networking and has a feature that displays pop-up messages for when your friends or contacts update their social networking site profiles or statuses.

The Samsung Diva S7070 mobile phone also has an “Etiquette Mode” which can be quickly enabled and effectively silences the phone at occasions or social gatherings as required.

The Samsung Diva S5150 flip phone on the other hand also has similar features but the main difference lies in the “glittering LED” which lights up to display incoming calls or messages and of course the Samsung Diva S5150 has a clamshell form factor.

As both the Samsung Diva S7070 and S5150 mobile phones are designed for women, they also have security features such as enabling “fake calls” or “SOS messages” which users can send directly to assigned public security services.

Interestingly enough the Samsung Diva phones available from Carphone Warehouse come with free goodie bags (limited amount) that contain items such as mini-concealers, foundation creams, etc.

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