Samsung Dual-SIM Phones (Chat322 and E2152) integrated with ST-Ericsson Technology

Samsung Dual standy by phones such as Ch@t 322 and Samsung E2152 are using the latest ST-Ericsson Technology – a joint venture between Ericsson and STMicroelectronics. It is reported that both latest phone are integrated with The ST-Ericsson chips – G4852 and G4906.  These chips are power efficient and low cost  and these make it possible to use two SIM Cards in same phone simultaneously and effectively.

ST-Ericsson Chips “enabling consumers to easily make or receive calls over two different networks or via two different subscriptions.”

Samsung E2152 is an affordable candybar handset that has launched in some countries of Europe and Asia from September while the Samsung Ch@t322 is a stylish QWERTY mobile Phone. The latter has release in Russia last month and soon it will come to other markets.

It is estimated  that about 206 dual Standby,dual SIM Phone will be sold in 2014 across the world and this estimation is made during a strategy Analytics. While the number of units sold in 2010 is around 41 million.

We expect that with the integration of ST-Ericsson chips , we will have some cheap Dual-SIM Phone in Future.

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