Samsung Galaxy Nexus banned in US

In a recent court ruling, the sale of Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been banned in the United States. The court ruled against Samsung for infringing patents that had been owned by Apple.

The case that was filed in February of this year by Apple, had its first ruling passed recently which banned the sale of Samsung Galaxy Nexus with in the boundaries of United States. Jugde Lucy Koh decided that four patents in particular registered with Apple have been infrigned by Samsung.

Of them include the patent of technology regarding a device having an option of searching multiple sources through a single interface. In other words, using the same platform as Siri. Other patent infrigments included the option of side-to-unlock, actionable linking and touch screen word suggestion all similar to Apple’s options.

It is also reported that Apple posted a $96 million worth bond for the injuction to go in to effect. And it is much likely that the final jugdement of the court will not be too different.

Now on Apple’s part, several questions arise including the filing of the case itself, that is how fair they act in terms of competition. If they are truly an innovative brand, should they focus more on improving their technology or strive to save their existent for a longer time period.

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