Samsung Galaxy Tab will work as a Home Watcher remote control

Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab is a wonderful gadget that comes with a lot of interesting and exciting features.  The popularity of this gadget has hit the peak level and we also know that there come the various applications for this fabulous device. Today, Samsung has announced that through this Galaxy tab,  a person can control his home. A demo is highlighted in which it is revealed that how this gadget will be helpful not only for you but also for your home.

The Samsung handset assists you in the grocery management and tells you what you can prepare with the available food that you have in your refrigerator.  The demo also shows the live widget-based control over your home’s HVAC, TV (including remote viewing), stove, oven, dryer, vacuum robot etc. this demonstration clearly show the link of Galaxy tab with your home. It means it will work as a valuable remote control with the mean of which you will be able to control the different thing effortlessly.

Now we are eager to see how this tab works as a home remote control in reality. We just hope that the thing will be same as shown in the demo.

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