Samsung Gravity TXT – Comfort in the Palm of Your Hand

The Samsung Gravity TXT is a simple device that is great for those who like texting, and the feature set of the device is functional to the extreme. The quality of the calls is adequate, but a downside that many people find to the device is the fact that the keys are stiff. The spacing of the keyboard is ample, however, and many find that they are able to use the texting phone much easier as a result.

Samsung Gravity TXT

Anyone looking for a low cost phone that is easy for texting should consider the Samsung Gravity TXT, as the phone is designed to be the best texting phone on the market. While it doesn’t reach its goal on the top, it certainly is an adequate device for the price tag. It is incredibly easy to use, and, in the end, it gets the job done properly and efficiently.

The small handset is just over half an inch thick, and the weight is just under 3.6 ounces. This phone embodies the saying “less is more”,  as the simple phone comes with a design that is practical and easy to use. The keyboard is cleverly hidden behind the screen with a smooth slider, and it is a much more practical phone to use than the Gravity T featuring a touch screen.

The colors are not particularly vivid, but they are crisp enough to make texting and viewing basic images a joy. The brightness is adequate for a low cost phone, and the QWERTY keyboard is truly a pleasure to use if you can get past the stiff keys.

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