Samsung might unveil first gingerbread handset with Android 3.0

There is a rumor circulating in the telecom industry or maybe the truth that Samsung is planning to launch a new handset with built-it Android 3.0. Just after the news was erupted everywhere on the internet, the preview of new handset was exposed on the internet after the news. However, many people believe that it could be work of some bored cell phone user who designed a new according to his/her taste for assuring others about the arrival of the New Android 3.0 enabled handset or else it might be true heavens knows.

The Galaxy S I9200 is a super slim cell phone and packed on very high pixels_ its display provides a resolution of 1280×72, that’s really stunning as having such high pixels would make the handset as one of the most pixel-packed model in the world at the time. In addition to it, this Samsung Android 3.0 enabled cell phone has good memory of 64GB, a 4.3 inch display, a 3.0 Bluetooth, and a 2GHz processor.

All these features would indeed make this android cell phone better than any other gadgets available on the market at the present time. From the reliable resources, it is said that the Galaxy S2 will be released by Q1 2011; we will wait and watch whether the news is the spot on or not.

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