Samsung Mobile Phone Deals: The Samsung Fascinate

Samsung has many different mobile phone deals from which consumers can choose. One specific handset that many people have purchased is the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate. A smartphone, the Fascinate is an Android phone.

Phones using the Android operating system are able to take advantage of the literally thousands of apps that are part of the Android Market. These apps come in a wide range from entertaining games to useful tools to assist with work. The Samsung Fascinate is able to take full advantage of these apps as it was designed to fully integrate with all Google services. The Fascinate makes it easier to stay in connect with a Gmail email account while taking advantage of other Google options such as Google Maps and access to YouTube videos.

The Samsung Fascinate features a touchscreen design. The screen measures an adequate 4 inches. The colours produced with the Super AMOLED display are very vivid. With some phones, users have difficulty being able to view the screen during daylight. However, this is not an issue with the Fascinate. It comes with an anti-reflective screen which will make viewing outside in the sunlight a snap. The slim design of the phone makes it easy to carry. Another feature of the Fascinate is its ability to operate with less overall battery charge than other smartphones. Typically, smartphones are quite draining on batteries due to the large amount of tasks they perform. Samsung designed the Fascinate with this in mind. They wanted to be able to make the battery power used more efficiently. Part of this is Samsung’s drive to become a much green company and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Guides for using the Samsung are provided virtually rather than printed on paper. Also, many videos showing how to accomplish certain tasks can be found online at Samsung.

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