Samsung Offers Free Phones to Venting out the Frustration of iPhone users

It is obvious that every three of the four iPhone users are frustrated with the poor receptions of their iPhone; if a phone has a bad reception it means that it is not entitled to be called a ‘phone’. The technology giant ‘Samsung’ has finally given out a helping out to such users by offering free Galaxy smartphones to iPhone 4 users, who are really desperate by the performance of their phones. An account on Twitter called @samsungukmobile is constantly in touch with people who’ve posted tweets regarding their difficulties with their phone, asking them to contact him with their details in order to receive a free handset.

Though, this offer seems to have something untrue or in other words unbelievable, as how a company can offer their cell phones at no cost at all on the internet. A person called a friend at Samsung in order to confirm whether or not that was a legit offer, which then confirmed by him. This is indeed a good marketing strategy to offer free phones to the desperate users so that they can decide which company or cell phone is better for them. Samsung Galaxy is packed by Android 2.1 and has a great AMOLED display of 4.0-inch. This marketing seems to be twofold, to market the product and to get a feedback from the users as how far their device is better and impressive than the phones already available in the market.

Their Samsung offer is legitimate for sure as a brief confirmation has given by the Samsung officials. With the news of this offer, there has been an incredible increase in online activity from consumers claimed to be unhappy with some of other brands’ products. So, Samsung has decided to offer a free Samsung Galaxy S as a replacement in order to ensure the individuals that what they have in their hands is now very reliable and remarkable.

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