Samsung S3370 smart phone preview

What with Samsung‘s global launch of Diva phones recently, attention has been diverted from its more modest cellphones however the Samsung S3370 smart phone that was recently approved by the FCC will we think will be very familiar for Samsung Corby owners. This of course is completely based on the looks of the Samsung S3370 cellphone as it has yet to be released and provided with a name and we might yet find the Samsung S3370 mobile phone finding its way into the Corby family of phones by Samsung.

As one might expect, technical specifications for the yet to be released Samsung S3370 are scarce at best however we have learned that the Samsung S3370 smart phone will ship with a 2.8″ QVGA touchscreen, a camera (no specifications known regarding the camera as of yet but you can see it has one in the picture), 3G connectivity, Bluetooth and TouchWiz UI.

Additionally, we speculate that the Samsung S3370 mobile phone will also have a microUSB slot as well as a microSD slot.

An interesting piece of news regarding the Samsung S3370 smart phone is that while it does have 3G connectivity the FCC approved version does not, therefore it will either ship in the US without 3G or not at all.

As to the price for the Samsung S3370 cellphone, it seems that it will cost about €100.

For the moment, all we can say is that it seems that people who have used and like the Samsung Corby line of phones might want to give this one a go although we have no fixed opinion regarding the Samsung S3370 mobile phone so far.

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