Samsung S3370 touchscreen phone preview

At the TeleVision 2010 held in Netherlands, Samsung showcased one of their (as yet) unannounced phones, the Samsung S3370 smart phone. While there was a photo leak about a month ago for the Samsung S3370 cellphone, no details were then available and so we did not see fit to write up on it. Now however, Samsung has made available some of the tech specs of the Samsung S3370 and we have clearer photos of it too.

The Samsung S3370 mobile phone is set to have a 2.6″ TFT resistive touchscreen, a 1.3 MP camera, Bluetooth 2.1, USB 2.0, FM radio and 3G connectivity. Somewhat like the Samsung Reality, the Samsung S3370 cellphone is a full touchscreen phone and does not feature a physical keypad.

This means that the Samsung S3370 smart phone is really quite compact (99.9 x 53 x 12.9 mm) although perhaps a shade thicker than the iPhone and similar high end smart phones. The Samsung S3370 mobile phone weighs about 86g which is pretty light and should mean that it is comfortable to handle.

The Samsung S3370 cellphone has already been labeled as an entry-level touchscreen phone and truth be told that is pretty much what the Samsung S3370 smart phone looks like to us too.

Pricing and availability was also revealed by Samsung with the Samsung S3370 expected to be available in the next few months and set to be priced at about €100 or roughly $135.

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