Samsung Wave II (SHW-M210S) Mobile Phone for South Korea appears with more pictures

Samsung Wave II is a stunning gadget that will soon be appeared in the South Korean market.  This gadget has almost everything that you missed in original Wave handsets. It is designed with some new and improved facets for gaining the user’s interest.

Samsung Wave II Smartphone will soon launch in the South Korean market possibility at MWC 2011, where we also expect the launch of other gadgets as well. The South Korean version of Wave II has almost everything that you get in international version of it but one thing is missing i.e. T-DMB

Samsung Wave II (SHW-M210S) Features and Specs:

  • Runs on Bada OS
  • 1GHz Hummingbird processor as you get in Samsung Wave723
  • 3.7-inch Super Clear LCD
  • 3G support
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n similar connectivity option is available in Samsung Galaxy Gio
  • Bluetooth
  • 5MP camera with HD video recording same as of HTC 7 Mozart
  • Playback
  • GPS
  • colors: Ebony Grey, Silver and Pink.
  • microSD card slot.

Samsung Wave II Mobile Phone Price and availability:

Samsung Wave II already launched in India with the price of RTs.16, 999 while the price of this handset in the Korean market hasn’t revealed yet. But you may get an idea by converting the currencies. We also heard that this mobile phone will soon launch in Koran market possibility in this month.

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