Samsung will release Continuum not Nexus S on 8th November

Samsung Nexus S or Nexus two will not be launched by Samsung on 8th November because this rumor has denied by Company. Remembered, we informed you about a rumor in which it was cleared that the Samsung is working with Google to launch Nexus two handset in the upcoming press event. This new is simply not true so now we get some other rumors regarding this event.

In the next week, Samsung will announce Samsung Continuum, its dual screen version of the Samsung Galaxy S and this gadget will be headed to Verizon., according to latest news we get from rumormill.

What make this Samsung i400 Continuum impressive and fabulous is its secondary display that    beneath primary screen of mobile phone.   This secondary display puts on show weather information, the date and the time whenever your phone will active.  But when it is not activate then this display serves as a status indicator that is displaying new messages and emails, missed calls, voice mail, IMs, social notifications, etc.  A special grip sensor activates every time you grip this Samsung phone and then secondary display lights up.

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