Samsung’s new Wave S8500 of smartphones with Bada OS

The Samsung Wave S8500 is one of a host of Samsung‘s newly showcased smart phones at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) being held at Barcelona, Spain. This year, like last year, Samsung pushed some boundaries by introducing some mobile phones with new and innovative features including the first ever usage of Super AMOLED displays in cellphones as well as the inclusion of compatibility for the Wi-Fi class 802.11 n and also, specifically in the Samsung Wave S8500 smart phone, the inclusion of Bluetooth 3.0.

The Samsung Wave S8500 mobile phone is the first to feature Samsung‘s new mobile operating system, Bada. Although currently rather thread-bone in the applications section because of its relative newness, we expect the Samsung Bada OS will be as successful as other competing platforms even if only used in Samsung phones.

Although the Samsung Wave S8500 cellphone utilizes Bada, the interface itself is familiar as TouchWiz 3.0 is installed on the operating system. Initial test-usage of the Samsung Wave S8500 smart phone suggests that there is nothing too impressive about Bada and TouchWiz 3.0 although that perhaps is a case of “familiarity breeds contempt”. True the Social Hub feature and WebKit’s Dolphin 2.0 web browser with one touch zoom add some very useful features but they are something we have already seen in other phones and not an innovation in the Samsung Wave S8500.

Other key features of the Samsung Wave S8500 mobile phone are Bluetooth 3.0 (which along with improved band-width for file and data transfer also has smarter power consumption which means essentially that less power is wasted), Wi-Fi connectivity (802.11 b/g/n), a 5 Mega Pixel camera with LED flash and auto-focus and many other camera functions besides, HD video playing and recording capability and quad-band GSM and 3G capability through WCDMA/HSPA (900/2100 MHz).

Another innovation introduced in the Samsung Wave S8500 cellphone is the Super AMOLED display. The screen size although fairly standard for smart phones these days, 3.3″ WVGA has a 800 x 480 resolution which is impressive on any cellphone but even more so on the Super AMOLED display of the Samsung Wave S8500 smart phone.

Super AMOLED is a new technology by Samsung that essentially does away with the need for a separate touch sensitive layer beneath the display. This means that cellphones such as the Samsung Wave S8500 utilize less power and according to Samsung are capable of brighter displays, are more sensitive to touch and have longer lifetimes.

All this means that the high end, cutting edge Samsung Wave S8500 is surely the flagship of Samsung‘s mobile phone division and has a lot to measure up to. Lets hope the Samsung Wave S8500 sets some new benchmarks for industry standards and performs as well as we expect it to.