Sanpdragon S4 for Windows Phone 8 by Microsoft

It has been some time now since Qualcomm qualifies to remain the exclusive chipset manufacturer for the Windows cell phone platform. As for now, Qualcomm has officially confirmed that they will be providing the upcoming Windows Phone 8 smart phones with their very own Snapdragon S4 (Plus) chipsets.

For those who are not aware about the S4 Plus, well it uses 2 Krait CPU cores which are up to processing limit of 1.7GHz and are built on a 28nm manufacturing process. Not only that, the S4 Plus chipsets use an Adreno GPU with a choice of either 225 or 305 variety.
Further features for S4 Plus chipset platform include Bluetooth 4, 802.11n Wireless options and 3G and LTE radios with supportive camera options that can be compatible with up to 20 Mega Pixel camera resolution.
News also has it that the first ever Windows Phone 8 smart phone to get in the market will be using the Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM 8960 chip, but in the near future, Microsoft and its collaborating hardware partners might pitch devices with S4 Pro or even quad-core S4 Prime chips.

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