Sharp IOS3, an Android phone launched in Japan

Sharp IOS3 has launched in Japan by KDDI and it is android powered handset combines with interesting features and functions.  You will get the three fabulous features in this latest mobile phone of sharp such as e-wallet function, infrared and one-seg digital TV broadcasts.

KDDI Senior Vice President Takashi Tanaka told reporters in Tokyo’s Yurakucho district, “When looking at cases with other carriers, many customers have regular cell phones and use smart phones as a second phone. So some users would naturally think that it would be nice if one phone takes care of everything,”

Features and Specs of Sharp IOS3 Handset:

  • Android 2.1 operating system , soon ypu will get Froyo update
  • A 9.6 megapixel CCD camera with autofocus  and 960×640-resolution
  • A 3.5-inch touchscreen along with a monochromatic “memory LCD”  used for displaying the time or new notifications.

Price of Sharp IOS3

The price of this handset is still unknown. It is also said that it will be available in three different shades.

Availability or release date of Sharp IOS3

It is available in the Japanese market but soon it will come with a CDMA support to other countries as well. We are also waiting about the Sharp Touch wood Concept phone.

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