Sharp Touch Wood Concept is made Real by NTT DoCoMo

Sharp Touch Wood Concept has been given by Sharp sometimes ago.  The people like you and me are thinking that such concept wouldn’t be workable. But this concept has been seriously considered by eclectic Japanese market and finally we have about 15,000 units of the curvy, wood-trimmed cellphones. This news comes to us via

This idea really workable and when you have a look at pictures given above, you would definitely liked and admired the design and shape of these cellphones.

We came to know these wooden bodied cellphones are made by using locally sourced cypress timber. The pattern and color of each handset will be different from other one.  Inside the wooden frame you will get a 5 Mp camera that you also get with WP7 handset HTC 7 Trophy.

A MicroSDHC expansion will be there to let the user to expand the memory and  when they requires and similar memory expansion option is also available in LG Octane handset.  It will feature with a 3.4-inch having resolution power of 854 x 480 pixels.  You will get the normal GSM and 3G wireless radios via this gadget.

You may get Touch Wood Concept from NTT DoCoMo expectedly some time around February or March.

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