Sign Solar Concept Cellphone Gets battery’s fuel from Sun

Sign Solar Cellphone is a newest concept phone that has designed by Joseph K. Lee. The best thing of this mobile phone is that it battery gets the power directly from the Sun power. Up to 80% fuel of battery will be obtained through the solar power; such idea Phone is really needed in this current environment when we have limited electric energy resources. It is a best design ever as it considers the future needs and requirements of this globe.

The handset is designed with a stylish concealed screen that is based on transparent OLED technology.  The keypad area is also concealed and it appears when the user will need it. The number, text and icons will show off on the screen as and when user wants to use them

At the back of Sign Solar phone, you will see a solar panel that has the capability to absorb and stores the sun power.  This is a wonderful phone that not only possesses the feature of eco-friendliness but also will come with stylish and trendy design.

Do you like to buy Sign Solar phone for you? What you think about this concept? Feel free to share your comments on this post.

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