Skype available through Nokia Ovi Maps, Alpine partners with Nokia to announce Terminal Mode

Nokia it seems is very busy these days, in addition to setting up its new naming system for its cellphones and launching the Nokia C5 recently, it has now partnered up with Alpine Electronics (best known for car audio and video systems) to announce Terminal Mode. Terminal Mode is a technology which will enable Nokia’s Ovi services to be used through your car’s Alpine audio/video system by integrating your Nokia smart phones with the Alpine system in the car. Also Nokia announced Skype for its Symbian based phones, more below.

Skype is a software that mainly allows people who use it to make calls to other users of Skype but also has video-conferencing, instant messaging and the option to call mobile phones and landlines. Skype is available at the moment on Windows, Mac OS, Apple iPhone, Sony PSP, Linux, Maemo (Linux based), Android and now for the Symbian platform too.

In a press release, Nokia announced that Skype will run on any smart phone running Symbian^1, currently the latest version of the Symbian platform being used in the market. Skype for Symbian^1 will allow users to make free calls to other Skype users, see when their friends/contacts are online, instant message them, shares files and videos and also receive calls to their existing online number.

If you want to get Skype for your Nokia phone, click here to download it.

Nokia also announced that they have partnered with Alpine Electronics to create Terminal Mode, which as we mentioned above is a technology that will enable compatibility and integration between your Nokia smart phones and the Alpine audio/video system in cars to enable the use of Nokia Ovi services on your Alpine system.

What this essentially means is that if you own a Nokia smart phone and a car with an Alpine audio or video system with Terminal Mode technology you will be able to connect the two and use your Alpine system as a GPS navigator. Clearly this will work best if you have an LCD to show you a map along with turn by turn navigation but regardless, Terminal Mode opens up great possibilities and is an unexpected bonus for Nokia and Alpine users (which they may or may not like, appreciate or utilize).