Smart Speakers for Smart Devices

Sony has come up with yet another amazing invention. It never fails to impress us all. Now, Sony has made very smart and practical speakers for Smartphones, iPods and other Bluetooth enabled devices.

The speakers are equipped with 360o Circle Sound technology. This technology does not produce sound only in one direction but spreads it equally in all the directions in concentric circles. Thus very good quality music is produced and the rooms are filled with balanced sound all around.

The speakers are small and spherical. They have got no chords and hence no hassle! One can carry it anywhere, in a room or garden etc. It is chargeable and the battery can work for five long hours hence making it a very efficient machine. Not only is it chargeable, it also charges some devices through its USB charging port while playing the music at the same time.  It is an amazing gadget, isn’t it?

Most of the devices such as iPhones, Smartphones, iPads, iPodsetc can be linked wi

Speaker with dock for devices

th the speakers through Bluetooth. But if your gadget does not have a Bluetooth, there is no need to worry. Sony has produced a model of these Speakers which has a dock for holding and connecting gadgets.

Sony is synonymous for style and quality. And it has again done a great job to prove that. The speakers are obviously very smart and proficient, and also are they very stylish and beautiful. They come in three colors namely red, white and black. The easily fit in the interior of the room and do not spoil the décor. They can be easily moved around as there is no need to worry about power supply.

Music is the passion for most and such a helpful device is a must had to enjoy good music!

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