Sonim XP1300 Core has got the top IP68 rating

Sonim XP1300 is a latest gadget of Sonim that can be submerged to in the water. It has water and dirt resistance capability. Now according to some rumors from un-official resources it has revealed that this mobile phone has got the top score in the International Protection Rating with its IP68 certification.

We  have already informed you about the IP67 rating mobile phones such as Motorola Jordan ,  Motorola Defy , Samsung Xcover 271etc ; these phone can be soaked into one meter just for 30 minutes or less. But when you use Sonim XP1300 Core you named it as a fish because it has IP68 Certification. Due to top certification this phone can be placed into the deep water for a longer time in comparison of IP67 certification phones. This phone can survive even after the 2 meter deep fall in the water.

It is a rough and tough gadget as clearly shown by the features of water and dust resistance. It means in its interior you hardly get the fragile features.

Some specifications of this Sonim XP1300 Core consist of GSM/GPRS/EDGE connectivity, a web browser, a media player and Bluetooth connectivity and all these features are also attainable via  Motorola Defy . It is expected to launch in Netherlands in early October. After its lunch we are better able to inform you about the price and availability of it.