Sonim XP3 Sentinel Cell Phone Review

A well-known word, named Sonim in the phone-manufacturing world. This phone is best for all those who want a high-level protection and who work in finer intensity surroundings. This phone has great feature known as “Sentinel” which is a generous gift for all those who work and breathe in perilous places.

This jagged artifact has a great ability to work in very deadly environment like in snowstorm, dirt and blustery weather. You can supervise the phone service through its Red, Yellow and Green special buttons which you can use in critical situations. As Red button is use to send help signal to the monitor which chink in every three seconds unless it will get a solution. The Yellow button could do a superior tracking system and the Green button makes you attentive to show that the phone is in use.
As a result, we found that Sonim’s XP3 Sentinel is made by keeping all the consequences of the lone workers. It helps to keep them safer while they work in hazardous places. It makes a quick contact in emergencies through voice with the mobile network ability.

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